Current preclinical models do not reflect actual human biology

Current methodologies for the testing of anticancer drugs in vitro involve the use of highly artificial cell lines, 3D organoids, or poorly scalable animal models. Studying I/O drugs often requires co-cultures with healthy and heterologous PBMCs, which further distorts the model system.

As a consequence, clinical trials have a high fail rate and patients receive suboptimal treatment

Currently only 1 in 20 anticancer drugs that enter clinical studies obtain approval leading to a highly inefficient use of >USD 50 Bn in R&D funding p.a. The attrition in clinical drug development needs to be reduced while simultaneously ensuring that patients get more effective and affordable drugs.

With single-cell driven phenotypic screening and deep learning, Allcyte provides actionable data on the activity of drug molecules directly in primary tissue samples of cancer patients to support strategic R&D decision making.

As a standalone platform: Test the activity of drugs or drug combinations in primary tissues to base target, lead, candidate or combination selection on the most clinical relevant data.

In conjunction with -omics: Correlate -omics and ex vivo drug response data from a cross section of an actual patient population for biomarker discovery or validation.

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Allcyte’s value proposition is to increase the success rate of clinical trials by enhancing the patient relevance of preclinical and translational research.

Interrogating drug action in primary tissues allows Allcyte to get as close as one reasonably can to an actual patient prior to clinical trials.

The platform fits right into established R&D processes, replacing or complementing existing cell line-based or animal model systems.

Allcyte offers the most advanced solution for interrogating drug activity in primary human tissues to date.
Best-in-class technology
  1. Single cell resolution
  2. Unprecedented versatility
  3. Unmatched scalability
  4. High accuracy
  5. Unique clinical translatability

Access to high quality tissues
  1. Full GCP compliance (regulatory, ethical approval, informed patient consent).
  2. Allcyte quality management including electronic data capture, monitoring and source data verification
  3. One single agreement with Allcyte to access >60 study sites

Allcyte operates as a high value research partner with flexible commercial engagement models.

Pharmacoscopy SMART: Rapidly accessible and in-depth insights into directly cell killing drug action in primary human tissue

Custom Research Solutions: Cutting-edge primary human tissue projects designed to meet each partner’s unique research needs.

Which drug types can Allcyte work with?

We have experience with small molecules, biologics and as of recently also cell based therapies. We work with directly cell killing agents as well as immuno- modulatory drugs.

Which tissues is Allcyte's AI powered single cell screening platform compatible with?

We can work with blood, bone marrow, pleural effusions and ascites as well as solid tissue samples. We have experience with the major haematological cancers as well as ovarian, lung, pancreas and breast cancer. Further tumour types are under development. Expansion into other indication (e.g., inflammatory conditions) is under investigation.