Pharmacoscopy® interrogates drug action in primary human tissues with automated high content microscopy and AI-powered single cell image analysis.

Leverage Pharmacoscopy® in drug discovery and development

Pharmacoscopy® can provide unique patient-relevant insights into the preclinical activity of drug molecules to ultimately enhance the chances of success in clinical development. Applications include:

  • Target discovery and validation
  • Compound optimisation and lead selection
  • Molecular design against patient relevant data
  • Mechanistic investigations
  • Biomarker discovery in conjunction with -omics
  • Combination testing
Apply Pharmacoscopy® in clinical trials and routine care

Pharmacoscopy® can select fully individualised cancer treatments based on ex vivo drug activity measured in a patient's tumour tissue to enhance response and progression free survival.

  • For individual drugs or to prioritise one drug out of many
  • Gain easily interpretable insight even when genomics driven precision medicine does not give a clear recommendation
  • Mine integrated phenotypic and -omics datasets for target, biomarker discovery and to enhance trial designs

Pharmacoscopy® is the first-ever functional precision oncology platform that has demonstrated the ability to prioritise highly effective drugs in a prospective clinical study.

In the EXALT I landmark study, patients were treated with drugs selected with Allcyte's AI powered single cell screening technology.

54% of patients responded and experienced a significantly longer progression free survival compared to the prior line of therapy (Snijder et al. 2017, Lancet Hematology and Staber et al. 2020 ASH 2020).

Pharmacoscopy® follows a highly optimised, automatable and robust workflow.
  • Cell viability

    Pharmacoscopy® can measure cell viability on the single cell level. This enables the quantification not only of drug activity but also on- versus off-target selectivity as an effective predictor of clinical outcome.

  • Cell-cell interactions

    Immuno-oncology drugs ultimately induce an immunological synapses between target and effector cells. Pharmacoscopy® for the first time can quantify these cell-cell interactions robustly and in high throughput.

  • Classical immunomodulation readouts

    Pharmacoscopy® can also quantify immune modulation in classical dimensions such as cell surface marker expression and cell morphology.

Single cell resolution

Pharmacoscopy® works with unprecedented single cell resolution to understand on- versus off-target drug effects even in highly complex tissues. Our clinical studies have demonstrated that single cell resolution is essential to measure a clinically translatable drug response.

Unprecedented versatility

Pharmacoscopy® works with liquid and solid tissues, 2D and 3D assay formats enabled by innovative AI-powered image analysis.

Unmatched scalability

With Pharmacoscopy® you can profile libraries of >100 molecules or combination matrices even in limited tissues. Competing platforms typically are limited to single to a few 10s of drugs.

High analytical robustness

Pharmacoscopy® is optimised for high reproducibility and well-documented performance through extensive analytical assay validation.